16. května, Webinář: The Future of Work is Changing

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Webinář: The Future of Work is Changing


16.5.2023 – 9.00 – 11.30

A free webinar brought to you by the EAPM in celebration of International HR Day 2023 with speakers from Cyprus, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway and Turkey on the topics of trust, well-being, EDI and sustainable work with an opportunity to ask your questions directly to the panel during the Q&A.

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As we celebrate International HR Day, we are reminded of the need to address the future of work and the important topics of well-being, trust, sustainable work and equality, diversity and inclusion.

In the current global scenario, the way we work has undergone a major transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted work patterns across the world, compelling individuals and organisations to adopt new ways of working that may soon become part of the new normal.

It is essential we focus on well-being at work, considering the significant impact it has on employee engagement, productivity, and performance. Investing in health and wellness programs and developing supportive work environments can help improve overall employee well-being.

Equally, trust in the workplace is vital to the success of any organisation and must be nurtured by continuing to communicate transparently and maintaining high levels of integrity and accountability.

Sustainable work practices are also key to addressing critical issues around environmental sustainability and social responsibility. By adopting sustainable practices, organisations can positively impact the environment, the communities they operate in and also achieve long-term economic success.

Finally, creating workplaces that are equitable, diverse, and inclusive should be a top priority. By ensuring that workplaces embrace diversity, everyone can have a fair chance of succeeding based on their abilities, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or cultural background.

For International HR Day, let us renew our commitment to promoting the principles of well-being, trust, sustainable work and equality, diversity, and inclusion to create a more just and inclusive world for everyone.