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Dne 30. prosince 2008

For me one of the strangest things about adapting to living in Prague has been the experience of shopping. Not because the goods are different but for the following reason: Foreign Customer: ‘Excuse me, but do you have any stamps?’ Shop Assistant: ‘No!’ Foreign Customer: ‘Oh!’ In an English speaking country this would be the […]

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“Each One Teach One”

Dne 28. listopadu 2008

This month we turned to the professionals and asked two senior and two executives managers for their comment. How can HR play a useful role in allowing managers to fulfill their goals and yet include the staff, take decisions and yet listen, put the organization first and yet allow employees to feel empowered?Pavel Odalka, 53, Senior […]

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Power does not make you a leader, it makes you the boss

Dne 3. listopadu 2008

According to Mahatma Gandhi ‘we must become the change we want to see’. According to my grandmother ‘we should do as people say, not as they do’. Who to believe? Let me lay it on the line: Are leaders born? Some are. Can leaders be developed? Some can. Can leadership skills be improved? Definitely yes […]

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To Benchmark or Not to Benchmark?

Dne 23. září 2008

I like this time of year – the weather, the fact that I’m on holiday and the welcome chance to stop and reflect. All ‘work year’ I am very busy doing and suddenly I can sit still, recall, reflect and add to my store of experiences. It works like this – I mix all my processed and unprocessed […]

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Could Less be More?

Dne 1. srpna 2008

I have always been impressed that come Friday, Czechs leave Prague and head off to their cottages. It seems such a sane way to deal with the stresses of the week. Instead of asking “How can I do it all?” they seem to be asking the really important question “How can I do what matters to me most?” […]

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Settling In and Feeling on Board

Dne 2. července 2008

Fasten your seatbelts for takeoff. In the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure… I hate everything about flying – hanging in the sky locked in a sardine tin – and as soon as they start the safety demonstration, I want to get off. I watch, knowing that if anything should happen I‚ll be too paralyzed with fear […]

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Rethinking Company Loyalty

Dne 29. května 2008

Work loyally 8 hours a day and you’ll be promoted and work 12! Sue: Against It‚s true that few business leaders would deny the importance of organisational loyalty. Fewer still believe they can achieve this the way they once did. The lifetime contract expired long ago. These days your best staff are more likely to show […]

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Dear Sally…

Dne 18. dubna 2008

Being an HR Professional can often feel a bit like being an agony aunt for the problem pages of a magazine. Last week my friend had to respond to the following: Help, we’ve done it all! First, we presented the new skill and behaviour – communicating all the necessary knowledge as clearly as possible. Then we modeled […]

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One plus one makes three

Dne 4. dubna 2008

Czechs keep telling me “My company is having a fuze.” A fuse? (pronounced ‘fjuz’) “Oh dear” I reply with concern, thinking that their office lights have gone out or ‘fused’ and that their computers aren’t working! “How are you managing to do any work in the dark?” I ask. We do also use the word ‚fuse‘ as part of […]

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